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The internationalization of markets is a key feature of economic development. We take this trend into account through inspiration, international networking and support from our experienced Multi-faceted and cosmopolitan mentors in the development and selection of education and skills solutions, to the implementation of your business model in selected areas.

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Our proficient team of consultants comprises of the most qualified, talented, experienced and passionate professionals who are prepared to facilitate you in the various fields listed below. JRBCG matrix consists of capabilities that are used in various combinations to achieve the vision and mission of your company with higher-level of solutions. No matter you are a client, student, beginner or a company or a stakeholder, the programs we facilitate will cater your specific needs in relation to your professional and immediate requirements. If one of the projects listed down is of your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Corporate Consulting

Our proficient team of consultants comprises of the most qualified, talented, experienced

Training and Education

Labour markets are in paradigm shift. This refers, on the one hand, to new working

Career Counseling

Our focus here is generally on issues such as career exploration,career change and personal

Study Programs

JR Consulting offers a variety of educational programs across Europe and outside Europe.

about us

We got voices to inspire you, mentors to guide you, companies to connect with, and products to convince, new opportunities to pursue and learning-abodes to give you best education. In fact this is what we are today. We have some great stories behind us, stories of consulting many aspirants who have pursued their business and education to the fullest of their life. Our founders and consultants have enriching experience in the field of business consulting, helping companies in achieving their vision and mission, teaching and guiding students as well as professional in manifold ways.

We work with exceptional business firms, organizations, educational institutions and inspiring experts reciprocally help each other to achieve the common mission we stand for. "European countries put greater premium on rigor, focus, and coherence in their instructional systems," says Andreas Schleicher, the Paris-based director of education and skills at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). This is one reason we like to demonstrate and advocate European business and education to the rest of the world.

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JR Consulting offers a variety of educational programs across Europe and outside Europe. As we are purely an Austria registered company we deal with programs that are for German speaking regions and other European countries as well. However, we are also offering programs in the USA, Singapore and a few Latin American countries too. Keeping your aspirations and choice of subjects, navigate through our study directory to find an apt program for you and your ally.

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