Meeting / Appointment / Registration

How can I contact / meet / register with you?

Please use our contact information and we shall confirm it personally to you. Please note that your registration is valid upon receipt of your contact confirmation .

Do I have to register with you to know about your services?

There is no official registration with us in giving out information. However we will advice you explain the nature of request through a contact form in order to serve you with our best resources.


Do I need to pay to contact you and ask about services?

In order to ask about our services or to contact us, there is no payment involved. However, there are areas wherein different types of payments are existing while availing of our commercial services from time to time.

What are your prices and payment system?

It depends up on which service you choose. We accept bank to bank payment system. When a commercial service involved payment, the client will be informed during their business period. We have no hidden costs.

Do you have any program running free of cost?

It depends up on which service you choose. All our commercial services are more often than not payable.

Programs & Services

What are your programs?

You may request to go to our home menu and click on capabilities and browse through different segments.

What are your services?

You may request to go to our home menu and click on capabilities and browse through different segments.

Do you have associates/offices outside Austria?

We do not have any direct office or staff working outside Austria. However we have associates and network partners working around the globe. You may request to contact us for your specific needs.

Do we need to meet you for doing business with you?

It is not necessary to meet us for doing business or availing of our services. However as per the nature of services, short meetings are to be expected. Every meeting is scheduled on prior appointment.

What are your terms and conditions?

We are an Austrian company and carry out services as per the rules and regulations by the Republic of Austria. Each of service has been comes with several features and special requirements and therefore a client will be informed if there is condition involved. We have no hidden costs and conditions at any time of our interaction. However check bottom of this website for normal terms and conditions.

Cooperation and career possibilities

How can I work with you?

Our employment opportunities and internship details are displayed on the news and events section. In order to cooperate with our business activities, kindly go to home page and click on the menu 'cooperation'.

International Relations

Do you support visa processing?

We do not process any visa request nor offer any help in acquiring visa to any country. It is the candidate’s responsibility to find about the visa services.

Do I need a visa to come to Europe?

Please contact the respective consular services or embassies to know about the requirements.

What do I do with programs you offer that require visa services?

As we are not running programs, the visa issues or documents will be dealt with course providers as and when required.

Do you write thesis?

We are not assignment writers or thesis producers. We can only help giving guidance and ideas about writing thesis based on the course requirement.


What are your company registration details?

You may go to the bottom of this site and imprint section.