3C Program (Corporate Communication and Cooperativeness)

Any organization is a set of great personalities and perceptions and the value they create differ from each other. When a proper value system is not rightly created within the organisation, achieving the mission will be more difficult. Great organizations are well aware of changing the perception of an employee towards the mission of the organization upholds is more effective and productive. Our Guru helps to ease the communication and cooperation of employees on both directions.


  • Having more patience to listen, discuss and decide
  • Re establish Individual values and respect
  • Able to manage stress
  • Communicate with compassion
  • More openness in communication
  • Maintains more work ethics
  • More productive by being more transparent with Management

Program includes:

  • Awareness process
  • Out of box thinking process
  • Meditation and simple yoga
  • Ethics and success
  • Managing emotional imbalance
  • Tips to maintain physical and mental health.
  • Q and A session

These sessions will be conducted either for four hours of two sessions or eight hours in English and with translations in local language. For best results of this program, we recommend you to have six months to one year follow up session.

If you wish to explore more: [email protected]