Training and Education

Labour markets are in paradigm shift. This refers, on the one hand, to new working models and to set up priorities for career seekers, employees and business owners as well. It involves exchanges of experience and good practice, policy development, improvisation of training systems, benchmarking and measurement of progress made. In this segment, qualifications and training are offered, which focus on internationalization, the labour market, diversity, gender and enculturation. The orientation given is strongly based on the needs and trends of the labour market. If you have any questions regarding programs or internships, please do not hesitate to contact us. Current events can be found here.

3C Program (Corporate Communication and Cooperativeness)

Any organization is a set of great personalities and perceptions and the value they create differ from each other. When a proper value system is not rightly created within the organisation, achieving the mission will be more difficult. Great organizations are well aware of changing the perception of an employee towards the mission of the organization upholds is more effective and productive.

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing- BSc (top-up)

Now in Austria a diploma nurse has an excellent time to consider moving her/his nursing career to the next level with a bachelor’s degree! This is completely an online program for nurses who are working in the German speaking countries. For a diploma nurse, earning an academic qualification- Bachelor of Science in Nursing is the ideal way to jumpstart her/his career.

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Ayurveda – Certificate Course

Ayurveda is a holistic natural medicine and wellness system practiced in India from time immemorial. In the meantime, Ayurveda has also found its way into the European health landscape and globalized and modernized practices derived from Ayurveda traditions are currently becoming more popular all over the world

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Diversity – Certificate Course

We live in a world wherein internationalism, global citizenship are some of common phrases we use. One’s identity sometimes transcends geography, political borders and even cultural differences. Cultural diversity characterizes our social coexistence more and presents it with new challenges in the day today life. Be it on the labour market or, for example, in the relationship between patients and medical staff diversity plays a pivotal role in transforming the society. Exay.

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