Dual Degree Programme

Increasing job satisfaction or achieving autonomy in your career, changing to a new role or improving your income potential becomes more attractive when you are qualified at a higher level. Dual degree programme will enable you to sharpen your skills and acquire more knowledge in your current role. These programmes will help you to develop your business role to wholly an upper level and help equipping for next-generation leaders in the global career market.

We offer students a wide range of dual degree options with Executive MBA and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) or A DBA with PhD in Business Administration. The entry requirements are a graduate degree of at least 240 ECTS credits in total, an MBA, MSc, or similar Masters Degree, or equivalent qualifications in general management, or in a functional field by examination awarded by a professional body. We may also ask for significant experience in a managerial or professional supervisory position involving responsibility for strategic issues.

Both, the DBA and PhD in Business Administration are terminal degrees. The degree of Doctor of Business Administration, abbreviated DBA and equivalent to a PhD in Business Administration, is a research doctorate in business administration. The DBA requires coursework and research beyond the Masters degree requiring a dissertation or journal publication that contributes to business practice. DBA candidates may specialize in areas such as management science, technology management, organizational behaviour, economics, or finance or other practical fields.

Subject:Doctor of Business Administration and PhD

Title Awarded: Dr...PhD or DBA, PhD approved in Austria by AQ, ยง 27 Abs 6 HS-QSG

Duration of the Program: 2 -3 years (depending on criteria and previous studies done, candidates can have some influence on the duration of the program.)

Language: English, German, Spanish