Doctor of Education

Whether you're pursuing a career in the consulting field, skilling up for a promotion or a career change, or layering in a new skill to ensure your continued success in your current role, you'll find the doctorate or a PhD qualification in education is an asset that can take you to a different echelon in your professional life.

Doctorate in education is an incredibly prestigious academic qualification and the Alumnus of the Doctorate in Education will apply the methodology and the principles of education research and contemporary pedagogy and didactics in the solution of the most actual problems in the field of education, taking into account the intrinsic and dynamic interaction between the experiences of everyday practice and the different advances educational theories and approaches, with the objective to contribute to the professional conduct by means of scientific research activity.

Those with a master's degree or equivalent degree in Education or Pedagogy or Psychology have now a golden opportunity to accomplish Doctorate or PhD Program online from Austria. The program is fully accredited in Europe and worldwide.

The study is a European program based on the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), which makes you capable of doing post doctoral assignments anywhere in the world. A candidate can either join for Doctorate or PhD. Candidates have some good amount of professional experience and with a post-graduation are the right applicants or masters level diploma holders with sufficient experience can apply from anywhere in the world. The study has been conducted solely in the Distance Education Mode and in particular designed for professionals who cannot be away from their working position.

Candidates need not come to Austria for its completion as the monitoring and mentoring for licensure has been organized online. However upon completion, a candidate can come to Austria for convocation ceremony at his/her own disposition.

Subject: Doctor of Education

Title Awarded: DEd/ Dr/PhD, approved in Austria by AQ,  27 Abs 6 HS-QSG

Duration of the Program: 2 -3 years (depending on criteria and previous studies done, candidates can have some influence on the duration of the program.)

Language: English, German, Spanish