Doctor of Business Administration

Doctorate in Business Administration is an incredibly prestigious academic qualification and has mostly been created for positions at managerial level and, more broadly, for superior level professionals who are pursuing their career in the business field. For such individuals have now a golden opportunity to accomplish Doctorate or PhD Program online from Austria. The program is fully accredited in Europe and worldwide.

Candidates need not come to Austria for its completion as the monitoring and mentoring for licensure has been organized online. However upon completion, a candidate can come to Austria for convocation ceremony at his/her own disposition.

Subject: Doctor of Business Administration

Title Awarded: DBA/ Dr/PhD, approved in Austria by AQ, ยง 27 Abs 6 HS-QSG

Duration of the Program: 2 -3 years (depending on criteria and previous studies done, candidates can have some influence on the duration of the program.)

Language: English, German, Spanish

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