Career Counselling

Our focus here is generally on issues such as career exploration, career change and personal career development. We’re not only just giving career guidance but helping individuals and groups in giving customized advice, expertise and solutions that support clients in making complex decisions and facing difficult situations at any point of their career searching. From students to experts, under various disciplines, anyone can approach us with their professional needs. You will also occasionally find current vacancies and some open positions under this section. If you got something to display in this connection, you’re free to contact us any time.

Personal Approach

The services that are designed here with the help of experts in the sector are to help individuals to manage their career development productively. Many people think that this sort of guidance are meant to assist the beginners who are about to explore a career opening for the first time. But our services are not mere helping a novice but for everyone who misplaced at some point of their career pathway and need a transition.

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HR Services for Companies

Many HR departments face the challenge of having enough qualified personnel. Due to bottleneck orders at working place without the lack of personnel, existing employees reach their stress limits or even the company's stock for the future becomes uncertain. In the short term, solutions are possible via HR service providers, in the long term and the search for, development and retention of

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