Top up your nursing diploma into BSc Nursing (distance education) from Austria

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Nursing Diploma to BScN Degree: Top-Up Program (Be a Graduate Online)

In order to expand career options of nursing care professionals a nursing graduation namely, Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BScN) can do quite a lot. Earning a bachelor degree or higher develop the future of nurses in a variety of ways such as it provides their prospect with more potential and scientific skills. This is not only just a qualification but gives you also the confidence and expertise you’ll need to move your nursing career forward.

Once a nurse acquires a bachelor’s degree, health care facilities are pleased to get hold of such professional and in turn it helps him/her considered for new positions and fresh roles in her/his job. A BScN can switch to public health, management, research, teaching, science, humanity studies in future and tame their career as the way they wish to become. The upshot of a bachelor’s degree in nursing can even reflect in their salary and also in leadership role. In short the potential for upward mobility is greater for BSc Nurses.

Individuals who have finished Diploma in Nursing or similar education are often interested in advancing their career prospects whereas in most cases, these individuals will be working and may not prefer to going back to a regular university and earn a degree. In this situation, studying from one’s own home or preferable location is a great opportunity. Upgrading to Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BScN) program for a diploma nurse is now easy and can do it through distance education from Austria. Any one from anywhere has the possibility to make this transition in a smooth and efficient manner.

The top-up program for nursing professionals is offered entirely on-line. This helps the working nurses to accommodate the studies as per their timings and finish the studies without affecting their personal or family commitments. The study situation is highly-flexible and our system enables you to upgrade your diploma to a degree in one year time.

Upon completing the degree studies, it helps the nurses to fortify the career chances and can show their work settings that they have an academic qualification which provides greater professional mobility.

The BScN Top-up programme was registered and notified* to the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria (AQ Austria) and therefore any additional validation is not required.

Main Features
 Fully accredited degree/registered and notified in Austria (§ 27 HS-QSG)
 Very affordable fees
 Entirely conducted online
 Rolling admission to the Program
 Ongoing support to the candidates during entire period of studies
Course Particulars
Program: Bachelor (BSc) of Science in Nursing (Nursing Science)
Objective: To provide scientific knowledge of nursing sciences and to strengthen career options in the occupational field with the academic degree.
Contents: See Syllabus
Study languages: English / German
Prerequisite: Completion of a diploma in nursing or equivalent qualification in health or social care. Previous degree credits can be reduced from syllabus as an added advantage.
Mode: European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

For more info and application, send CVs to [email protected]

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