Studying German in Europe and earning chance to work in Germany directly

September 1, 2018 9:04 pm News & Events

The oldest and one of the largest continuously operating institutions of higher education in Hungary (since 1538) named University of Debrecen is offering courses for international nurses to come to Hungary and study German along with programs in European nursing care systems. The course designed for 9 months and upon successfully completing the course, the nurses can get direct job placements in German health care institutions.

This is a preparation Course for Social Health Work, MSc in German with the aim of training in German language up to B2 LEVEL specifically designed with upgrading on Austrian/German health care and nursing systems. While nurses are their B1 level, they can apply to be on the nursing Register, providing they meet its standards and wait for their call to job.

In the pretext of Shortage of nurses in Germany is affecting patient care and threatening lives, the country has eased the policies for international nurses to work in Germany without much of difficult process. Of course the knowledge of German and valid nursing degree are the basic criteria to meet the huge needs that emerged now.

The next batch is starting at the end of October in Debrecen campus, Hungary. Last date of application ends on 10 September, 2018. Interested candidates can apply via [email protected]

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