European PhD fellowship positions in bioinformatics: Applications invited

July 27, 2018 11:10 am News & Events

Two European universities are looking for research positions in advanced bioinformatics projects. The two positions are full time and placed in Norway and Sweden respectively. The successful applicant will be integrated in a vibrant bioinformatics team, with many opportunities to further improve current skills as well as develop new skills to keep up with novel sequencing technologies and other bioinformatics challenges as they emerge.

Genome dynamics of human papillomavirus (HPV) and cancer development: This is an opportunity to join the cross-institutional research group HPV-SEQ with a strong international network. Our main goals are: 1) To discover HPV cancer biomarkers 2) To delineate HPV evolution 3) To develop HPV detection and characterization methods. We take advantage of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Technology to reach our goals. The Ph.d. degree will be affiliated to the PhD Programme in Health Sciences. The research fellowship period is three years without a teaching obligation / required duties.

The PhD candidate will sequence HPV genomes in clinical samples and cell lines to study genomic diversity related to cancer progression. Human papillomavirus infections may in rare cases lead to cancer, particularly but not exclusively to that of the cervix. There is a need to better understand carcinogenesis and to develop new tests that can determine if an HPV infection is on track to form malignant cell transformations leading to cancer. The PhD will explore mutations of the HPV genome in clinical samples using sequencing and bioinformatics followed by clinical and evolutionary interpretation.

Deadline for applications: 17. August 2018
Please send your detailed CV to [email protected]

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